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Cats are one of the most sought after pets in the world, yet there are many things people do not know
 about. So curious information about cats

The eyes

 The cat's eye is highly sensitive to light. A cat can see six times better in the dark. The cat protects its eyes from extreme light by closing the lens to a thin slit. But he also sees in the dark darkness.

The fingers

Cats have 5 fingers from the front man while the hind legs have only four fingers

Cats sniff through their claws

Cats do not have ethnic glands like us, but they excrete sweat through the claws. Sweat evaporates to maintain the temperature of their skin. It also contains the olfactory glands that the cat can sniff through.

Each black cat has a white spot on its body

You may notice that each black cat has a white spot or more, and some have tried to get rid of these cats, causing the number of black cats, which threatens to extinction in the future because of the persecution suffered by these black cats.

Cats do not taste sweets

Studies have shown that the cat's tongue does not have centers to feed sugars such as sucrose, and on the contrary dogs taste sugars such as glucose and sucrose.

Right and left

 The majority of female cats tend to use their right foot, while males tend to use their left foot. Interestingly, the majority of male human beings are also male.

Cat brain

 The brain size does not exceed 25 grams, but there are about 300 million nerve cells on the surface of the brain.

 Falling from the highlands

 Cats can survive after falling from a distance of 65 feet. She can rely on her eyes and balance devices in her inner ear to see when she can land on her feet